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South Jersey Trial Practice Lawyers at Agre & Jensen Handle All Types of Civil and Business Litigation

The general civil litigation attorneys at the law firm of Agre & Jensen are experienced South Jersey trial practice lawyers offering high quality legal representation to individual and business clients in state and federal courts, as well as the district court of appeals. Our firm handles all types of complex legal disputes that may arise between individuals, organizations, associations, businesses, or government agencies.  These include:

  • Civil rights discrimination
  • Contract disputes
  • Contested will / probate
  • Consumer fraud
  • Insurance law
  • Chancery litigation
  • Battered woman syndrome
  • Lottery disputes
  • Construction litigation
  • Personal injury

The attorneys at Agre & Jensen know your time is valuable and your budget is important. That is why we strive to find the most efficient and cost-effective methods to resolve your legal disputes in a manner that you can be satisfied with, while still maintaining the high level of service you expect and deserve. Whenever possible, we apply our experience in alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation and arbitration, in order to save you from the time and costs associated with traditional trial litigation.

There are times, however, when a civil trial is the best option for your situation. If this is the case, our firm is ready. Through meticulous preparation and our intricate knowledge of the law as it relates your specific case, we focus all our efforts and attention to achieve a fair and favorable outcome that meets your needs.

Attorneys Robert N. Agre, Esq. and Annemarie Jensen, Esq. hold themselves to a high standard of legal ethics and quality client care. We believe that it is important to keep in close contact with our clients throughout the entire legal process. From filing the initial complaint, throughout the discovery process, and during the trial, we maintain open and honest communication so that you never feel as if you are being left in the dark.

South Jersey Trial Practice Lawyers at Agre & Jensen Offer Skilled Representation for Individuals and Businesses

To learn how we can put our experience and skill to work for you, call 856-428-7797 today or contact us online to schedule an appointment with one of our dedicated and highly skilled South Jersey civil trial practice lawyers. The law offices of Agre & Jensen are conveniently located in Haddonfield, New Jersey, allowing us to represent clients in Camden County, Burlington County, Gloucester County, Cumberland County and Salem County.